I tuned in for the EToC. Aside from considerations of plausibility of the theory itself (and they are different for different levels of strength of its statement) I've found it fascinating and thought-provoking. And the research around it has been a joy to learn about.

I'd say keep taking me down interesting rabbit holes and unexpected directions and I'll be happy.

Podcasts are a format I haven't managed to consume at a regular rate. Reading I can squeeze in between responsibilities, but podcasts require alone time I don't generally have. But if they come with transcripts that's fine by me.

As for interviewees, I imagine they don't grow on trees. I guess the key question is what are you getting from getting the person on rather than just reporting on their work. I know of a couple of junior European scientists who do some interesting original work. How willing or suitable to do something like this I've no clue. In any case I'd imagine diversity is what would keep that sort of thing interesting? I don't know. Have I mentioned I don't do podcasts a lot?

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Have greatly enjoyed the blog so far and would listen to a podcast version for sure.

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Glad to see you mention Ruck and "The Road to Eleusis". When I read your bit about snake venom my first thought was that psychedelics could substitute for that, but maybe it's a case of both/and. Relevant point - the Eleusisian mysteries are centered on Goddesses Demeter and Persephone, again women leading the way.

Another book I suggest is Layne Redmond's "When the drummers were women". The matriarchy of Gimbutas is now mostly not taken seriously by academics, but Redmond's scholarship is excellent, and what's relevant to your theory is the connection of drums, rhythm and trance, led by women.

Speaking of gossip and ancient human history - see Eric Hoel's "The gossip trap" - https://www.theintrinsicperspective.com/p/the-gossip-trap

Not so relevant to your theory, but following up on Jaynes on brain lateralization, check out Iain McGilchrist "The Master and His Emissary", curious what you think of that.

Not so keen on podcasts myself, but yes with transcripts.

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Just wanted to leave a comment that I love your work, and love that you are tackling one of the questions that's bugged me for awhile. Also, I personally don't mind what you do as long as you keep writing.

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I like the mile posts as goal posts… (as someone who is mildly not-autistic… the neuro-divergence thang in overlap with drug use is not given enough space, but that might be a note to self). BTW I like Jerry Fodor's position (also an communal outie) and feel there can be too much/many just-so stories in this space, but I guess stories build community so there is no fix for that except going back under my bridge: https://whyweshould.substack.com/p/giants-and-dwarves-designers-of-no

(via https://nicholasgruen.substack.com/p/stan-grant-guy-rundles-brilliant )



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Very interested to see who you interview!

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